This is how Shahrukh Khan is connected to the blue-eyed chaiwalaBlue-eyed “chaiwala” Arshad Khan from Pakistan got to be acclaimed when a picture taker from the nation shared his photo via social media. The man got various offers of demonstrating assignments post his freshly discovered prevalence. In a video discharged as of late when Arshad Khan was asked who does he take after, he grinned and said, “Shah Rukh Khan.”

SRK is apparently complimented by the answer and took to Twitter to share the video. Shah Rukh said, “How sweet is this. Excellence lies in effortlessness.” If you are asking why SRK said the word straightforwardness, you need to watch the video. In this video, Arshad said that he has 17 kin and knows that he has gotten to be well known. At the point when a writer asks him who does he take after, he resembled a timid young man.

Shah Rukh Khan has numerous fans over the fringe and now he has included one more.


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