Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan shared a special video on the occasion of Diwali. Khan expressed gratitude to soldiers who were engaged in the defense of the country. He also recited a special poem, in which he spoke of struggle and sacrifice of the soldiers.

shahrukh khan

Shah Rukh Khan shared this video on his official Instagram account. In the video he said, “Happy Diwali to all over the world. Particularly our soldiers, who are stationed on the border or anywhere else in the country.” Khan not only the soldiers but also greeted to their families.

Our feet on carpet, their boots on ground.

Our days are steady, theirs, new challenges unravel.

Our nights blissful, theirs, stressful.

It’s our life to live because it’s theirs to give.

The heroes should not remain unsung because we can’t imagine their plight.

We grow stronger and bolder because theirs is the fight.

The fight of a soldier.”


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