At the point when Salman Khan reported his next project as a team with Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions with Akshay Kumar as a hero, it made each one of us ponder what more likely than not evoked the idea.

Be that as it may, Shah Rukh Khan says this ought to have been done path before however he is happy the progression has been taken. In a meeting with DNA, the performer said he additionally imagined such a venture, “It should have been done a long time back. But it’s very good that Karan and Salman are making a film with Akshay. I wanted to do that. But the story and all didn’t work out. I’m sure he is really open to it. I think whenever there is an opportunity, as producers, we should make this happen.”

Shah Rukh additionally talked about his definitive dream for Red Chillies. The on-screen character has been imagining about making Mahabharat by teaming up with some universal makers.

He needs to make it of Baahubali level, “It’s my dream to make the Mahabharat for the screen. It’s been for years now. But I don’t think I have the budget to do that. Unless I collaborate. This one has to go out into the international markets. So you have to collaborate with someone who’s international. You don’t take up a subject like the Mahabharat and make it any less. It should be on the scale of a Baahubali or an even larger one.”


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