Sex, relationships, and Indian Parents, What is wrong?

A 16-year-old boy made a girlfriend. He didn’t tell his mother about her. One day the cell phone rang, the girl was on the opposite side. Mother smelled something fishy, asked him straight, He couldn’t lie. he got beaten up for an hour that day. 30 mins by mother, 30 mins by father later in the day when his dad came back and mother told his father the whole story with added flavors.

He was 15 and was introduced to the idea of masturbation. He grew eager, tried it on himself. But when He sensed the pressure of ejaculation, He didn’t know how to handle it. Afraid of what might emerge, He snugly squeezed his penis’s top even though the ejaculation took place. He thought this might do just as well. On the other hand, soon his penis started paining and got swollen up.

However, when he came to his bedroom from the bathroom where he was examining himself, He observed his mother inside the room, going through his science book inside which I had hidden all photos of actresses which turned him on then. She didn’t ask anything, just beating for 30 mins and complaint to dad, who surprisingly didn’t beat me then (probably he recognized it was only natural) but didn’t have a talk either.

Sex, relationships, and Indian Parents, What is wrong?

A girl, when she was 14, discovered a condom from our parent’s stock. Wondering, she took one out, taken off and was playing with it. When caught, rather than a lesson on what it was, she got a good thrashing.

Not long ago, things improved. That young man is 26 now and his mother and father have recognized him as a man now in their minds. So there are certain relaxations. He was discussing his girlfriend this time, She went to his home, and that how she see great possibilities in their relationship. He asked his parents what all points He should think about before he makes a decision to marry the girl. Interestingly, they gave him great suggestions. He got a solid info base, which would definitely help him one day when He will be deciding upon his life partner and would help him stay away from making mistakes there. He understood why this happened was due to the fact now his parents accepted him for his relationships. Only then were they in the position to give him good guidance!

Parents are the Master of their kids. They take good care of every minute thing- food, water, potty, nappies, sleep, skin rashes, hiccups, crying, words- connected with the baby. When those little ones grow into adolescent age, the parents all of a sudden start acting strangely. They for some reason connect their status with their child, overemphasize the importance of being mature. They cover up things and facts which they feel awkward for their age.

Parents should understand their child will have their beer, they will sleep with other people, they may go for that first smoke, they may dive into that 1st drug. Making these matters seem to be taboo at home won’t help, you can’t make the entire world home.

Better, teach your little one about these issues. Educate him/her without being judgmental and in the best way you can so that they believe that confident about dealing with it when they step out in the world. If youngsters are used up in decision making, motivated to form opinions and then taught important things, they will always ensure that it stays as a solid memory, which will eventually help them make much better decisions later.


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