sanitary vending machine

HLL Lifecare Ltd along with the Thiruvananthapuram District Panchayat is set to install sanitary napkin vending machines, VENDIGO, and sanitary napkin incinerators in 150 government and aided schools in Thiruvananthapuram district.

Meant to help school children the vending machines — VENDIGO will dispense sanitary napkins round the clock at the touch of a button. Napkin incinerators will be installed for safe and environment-friendly disposal of used napkins.

HLL, which is under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has by now installed around 700 such machines at various locations in Kerela.

“Even though napkins are necessary for the health and hygiene of women, the usage in India is very low compared to many other developing countries. There are still a large number of village women in India who are hesitant to go to shops to buy napkins,” said HLL Chairman and Managing Director R.P. Khandelwal.


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