Actor Saif Ali Khan, while expressing his opinion on the issue of triple divorce, has said that he does not agree with the practice of triple divorce. He said that I had married but had taken divorce legally.

Saif on triple divorce: I am against it, have given legal divorce to Amrita

He further said that I had married Kareena under the provisions of the Government of India. Saif said about the triple divorce that I had married, had the responsibilities of my children. I do not believe in the practice of triple divorce and that is why I did not even have such a divorce.

Saif kept his opinion about the growing fear of Islam all over the world. He said, ‘I had never faced any problem due to my identity. But there is hatred and fear for Islam throughout the world, which is worrying. The Muslim feels that he will be persecuted forcibly, he will be discriminated against. There is no such thing as Muslims and Jews. People draw a picture of a Muslim and say that Muslims do so, do that. All people have a different identity and when we are called Muslims, it is very dangerous.

There is a lot of debate on triple divorce in the country. While Muslim women are against it, some Muslim organizations believe that this practice can not be eliminated.


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