This village was adopted by God of the Indian cricket Sachin Tendulkar two years ago, and now PR Kandriga has been transformed into a model village with 24×7 water, school, and toilets.

Yesterday, dwellers of PR Kandriga, a small village in Andhra Pradesh was busy in the preparations for the visit of Sachin Tendulkar.

For them he is not less than a real God, We have seen him on the field but the way Sachin wrote the future of this village he became their God or ‘devadu’.

Situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh PR Kandriga is a small village which could never be spotted on the map but today this village is known as one of the model villages with well-laid out roads, 24×7 water supply, street lighting, a community hall, a playground, and a school for children.

Tendulkar visited this village in November two years ago and all he had seen there were mud roads and crumbling huts.

“We feel proud when people our village Sachin’s village. We are thankful to him for all that he has done for us,” said Rajaiah, a villager.

“Our neighboring villages want to become like us. We have toilets, water, electricity and well laid-out roads and good houses,” said Avinash, who is studying BCom and is one of the youths in the village who can speak English.



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