Roger Federer beat Marin Cilic and made history at Wimbledon

It is the first time in eight Grand Slam finals in as many years, that Roger Federer will not face Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic. It is the Swiss who is the only one of the “Big Four” who continued beyond the quarterfinals. And in front, a face that debuts the last day of Wimbledon called Marin Cilic .

The Croatian asserts his height (198 centimeters) to make the serve his best weapon . But not only does he live his tennis, because he knows how to direct his drives well and plays with ease the defense at the back of the track. This will be the eighth time that Cilic will face Federer, who has six victories on his side, but in the last clashes, the fight between both has been very closed, and the result, adjusted.

In addition, Cilic takes advantage of anyone else’s passing through the Grand Slam finals. Only one has arrived before today at Wimbledon. It was in 2014, at the US Open, and he took the trophy. It won, precisely, Roger Federer .

That’s why the Swiss remained calm after beating Tomas Berdych in the semifinal. Content with his eleventh Sunday, but not be fooled by the siren songs of a possible eighth title. ” It’s very good to reach the final, but it’s not what I want, ” admitted Basel, who will turn 36 in August.

Wimbledon is his garden, where he has recorded his name seven times. The most special for him because his name became great in the London grass. He beat Pete Sampras at the age of 21 and from there came everything else: 18 Grand Slams, to begin with . And he wants to continue, add another, his lyrics once again on the board of champions. But with prudence, Cilic also seeks to begin to forge his own story.


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