Tapi Pannu worked in the action film ‘Naam Shabana’ after ‘Pink’. Rani Mukherjee had ‘Mardani’. Anushka Sharma appeared in ‘NH10’ Vidya Balan has made ‘Kahani 2’. Raveena Tandon’s film is coming in this sequence of female-centric action films, the name is ‘Matra’.

Since she used to have just a hot actress in Bollywood, she has traveled successfully since coming to a movie like ‘Mater’. It is not that she has not done a film with strong and meaningful central women characters. In 2001, she had a film like ‘Daman’, in which she played a victim of domestic violence, which finally takes an aggressive decision. She also got the National Film Award for Best Actress for this film. Two years later, she did a role in the “Satta” of a wife of a Delhi-based politician who goes to jail on the charge of murder, she handles power and sees the dirt inside. She also made a film like ‘Jago’ in 2004, in which a mother played a rape with a ten-year-old daughter and she runs a macho path to demand justice for this injustice.

Raveena’s intention of this movie is good. Its story is located in Delhi. In the trailer, it is shown that in 2015, there was a total of 34,651 rap cases in India, and the figure is also that only 5 or 6 percent of Rape cases occur in reality every day.

Raveena is shown to be weakly powerful woman in the story, which is very much needed. Now the response to the audience’s response is so much that the film will not earn. The trailer estimates that the content is accurate and that the film will be bound, but its future is not because Raveena is an actress, not an actor.

She is not even considered as A-list and people choose to go to the cinema after being passionate in stardom. In this film, in the same story, if the lead role was made by Salman Khan in this story, surely the film would have earned more than 500 crores, as did ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. Just as he has done direct action films like ‘Ready’, ‘Wanted’. Then their earnings of today is equivalent to 500 crores today.

Hopefully, this scenario will change.


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