hagn the rapist

Rapes reported in Delhi have elevated 200 per cent since 2012, the year Nirbhaya was raped, setting in motion mass protests, political promises and initiatives at reform.

A comparison of Delhi police reports from 2014 and 2015 exposed an increase in the rape cases taken out, from 81 to 104, possibly indicating a lack of faith in the criminal-justice system, especially as cases fail judicial scrutiny.

Other crimes against women rose 50 percent over the same period, from 208 to 1498, in accordance to Delhi Police data.

Growing violence in a city of 18 million individuals and 866 women for every 1,000 males may be unavoidable, but it is clear the police need to do more to protect women.

Women help desks are doing work, but many concern quality of help

While the Delhi Police now have 161 help desks staffed by female officers, overwork is evident, with 70 percent of female officers reporting for over 8-hour shifts per day, according to a 2014 BPRD study on national police working conditions.

Those who deal with these help desks question their competence.



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