Shoe thrown at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi during 'Kisan Yatra' in UP's Sitapur

A shoe was hurled at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi while in his roadshow in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh on Monday. The man flung his shoe from a range at Rahul at Transport Crossing, from where the roadshow began. The youth was instantly arrested by the police and taken to the city police station. The youth was noticed saying “roadshow is useless”, in accordance to an eyewitness.

Look at the video below. The actual moment of the shoe-throwing occurs about 0:03 seconds after which the Congress Vice-President along with party members look behind seeking to figure out what just happened.

Soon after this incident Rahul Gandhi has blamed BJP and RSS for the shoe attack.

“Want to tell BJP, RSS people…throw as many shoes on me as you want, I don’t fear you,” Rahul Gandhi said reacting to the shoe attack on him.


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