Pakistan’s Army Chief , Raheel Sharif says ‘We are fully prepared’ and what we all want to reply back is ‘Yes Sir , You Better Be’ .

We all are already very pained and grieved over the unforgettable loss of our eighteen Jawans in the terror attack that took place on 18th of September near the town of Uri (Baramullah District), Jammu and Kashmir .

Reportedly “the deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir in two decades” , the incident has left us all shattered and heartbroken .
But , the Pakistan ofcourse , as it usually does, is only adding salt to the injury and yet again testing our patience.The Pakistan Army Chief, Raheel Sharif has vomitted the following words after suspecting a counterattack from India ,
“The Army Forces of Pakistan are fully prepared to responf to entire spectrum of direct and indirect threat.”
On the face of it, Mr. Raheel seems to test our patience and needs to be shown the face of the mirror, right away , right now.

From time to time, we have proved and shown to Pakistan their real place , but these people never seem to learn any godamn lessons.
But mind it, Our armymen are capable enough to make them bite their nails yet again but diplomatic barriers are much bigger than anything in this country.
But whatsoever, may happen,
At the end of the day , our hearts go out to the Shaheeds of the Uri attack and for that matter , all our armymen who sacrifice their everything for our safety and well – being .
We are all forever indebted towards you people for such a selfless service that you people do.

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