Sparrows in a fountain

The urban birds may be killed by high temperatures and we can help with a simple gesture: put a bowl of water on the window or patio.

The Birdlife SEO organization has appealed to this problem and Twitter has been filled with alert messages. In fact, many people have already begun to publish images of their recipients to encourage this initiative. Although, according to Birdlife SEO technician Luis Martinez, it is better to use mud dishes used for pots and to avoid those that are made of porcelain because the birds slip.

The places in which they must be placed must have visibility, be sure that there are no dangers, for example cats, and clean water must be changed every day. “These points are used by birds,” says the expert, who explains that one of the signs of dehydration is that they have their beaks open and seek a shadow.

The heat wave has caused the death of many of these species, and especially of common sparrows that are a population that is being reduced dangerously according to Martinez. “The plumage of these birds protects them from the cold and heat but the lack of access to water can cause a heat stroke or a weakening of the physiological system that can lead to death,” he said.

However, he says that the worst part is taken by the offspring. “Many chickens, who do not yet know how to fly, try to escape from the nest by the heat and throw themselves on the ground so they do not die scorched,” says Martínez. For these reasons, these “orphaned chickens” are very common these days.

In this situation, he recommends picking them up and taking them to the nearest recovery center in the city because it is “difficult to get them out without a professional”. In addition, in the case of sparrows they are “imprinted”, that is, they relate humans to food and cause their low survival in freedom.

So for all these reasons calls for citizen collaboration for the collation of bowls on the windows and patios.


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