Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to the airport on Friday without any security arrangements. According to sources, during this visit of PM Modi, there was no protocol security system that looked like usual on the roads. Barricades were not imposed to stop the common people from traveling to the public welfare route from PM Modi to the airport.

PM Modi did the journey in general traffic like the general public

The surprise is the fact that the way in which the PM went, the traffic in front of him continues. PM Modi has traveled like this once before. The soldiers who had escaped from Avalanche at the Siachen glacier at PM Modi Army Hospital went to see Hanumanthappa.

According to sources, this week a lot of discussions has taken place due to the VVIP movement. The news of trapping an injured child in the ambulance’s VVIP movement was viral on social media.

Normally, the route of Delhi Police and other security forces is rooted. Police deployments are on either side of the road and traffic is stopped before the PM’s movement. But, on Friday, the traffic signal was just free for PM Modi’s convoy.

PM stayed at the airport for some time after receiving Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s resignation. He met with the delegation of Hasina there for about 20 minutes.


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