The couple wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Said That you are doing a lot for the development of the daughters. The daughter was born in my home. So It’s our wish that you give the name to our daughter.

PM of India Narendra Modi

Baby Girl’s father got a call from PMO and Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked him on his mobile. Prime Minister Narendra Modi named Bharat Singh and his wife Vibha Singh newborn daughter as Vaibhavi. He wished for her glorious and blessed life.

The little angel Vibha was born on 20th August.  The whole family is happy after Prime minister named her.

Thinking about the development and respect given to the women by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the resident of Chunar Kotwali area of Hajipur village Yogesh Singh and his wife Vibha Singh had decided, If the girl was born then they will request Prime Minister to give her name.

Perhaps God had heard their wish.

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