Saving the life of 121 passengers when landing the plane emergency, a landing with an extra degree of difficulty; So did this pilot who had no vision, because a giant hail completely destroyed the glass of the cabin.

pilot lands blindly and rescues 121 passengers

Everything was under control thanks to captain Alexander Akopov, who stopped the A320 airbus at the Istanbul airport last Thursday. After this heroic fact, this pilot was deserving of the courage of the Courage of the Ukrainian Order.

In Istanbul, a Ukrainian pilot landed a Turkish plane with 121 passengers on board. Very damaged by the storm and with no visibility.

Ukrainian pilot landed a Turkish plane

The pilot faced giant hailstones, the size of baseballs that hit the cabin window, only 10 minutes after takeoff. The hail caused such an effect that it destroyed the front of the plane and caused severe damage to the glass, hindering the pilot’s vision.


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