The person wearing the 'dhoti' stopped from entering Kolkata's Quest Mall

In Kolkata, a man was allegedly stopped from going to a shopping mall because he was wearing a dhoti. A Facebook user named Debelina Sen has claimed this by posting two videos. According to Sen, a man in Quest Mall, located in Park Circus, Kolkata, did not allow entry just because he was wearing a dhoti . This post on Facebook has become quite viral within just 4 hours. Deblina Sen posted two videos on Facebook. In the first video, security guards stopped the person wearing a dhoti from entering the mall. An officer from the management can be seen in the video while talking to the person. According to Dabelina’s post, when a person wearing a dhoti interacted with that officer in the English language, then after talking with his senior officer, he gave him an entry in the mall.

On the other hand, the second video is after the entry in the mall. Here he talks to a female officer. Women officers refuse to record the video.  After this, Sen also wrote in his post that this behavior is like discriminating with a kind of racial profiling. The video is getting viral as fast as possible. Within about 4 hours, more than 70 thousand views have been received and it has been growing continuously.


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