In connection with the investigation of the attack on the Amarnath pilgrims, Jammu Kashmir Police arrested the driver of PDP legislator Ejaz Ahmed Mir for questioning. Mir’s driver is from Jammu Kashmir Police.

Inquiries will be carried out in Amarnath yatra attack

On this week, terrorists attacked a private bus of Amarnath devotees in Batangue in Anantnag. In it, 7 devotees were killed, while 21 were injured.

PDP legislator Mir’s driver Tausif Ahmed resides in Pulwama. The police said that the arrest was linked to the terrorist case. According to sources, two other people have also been arrested for alleged involvement in the attack.

Seven months ago, Tausif was in the Security Wing of Jammu Kashmir Police, which was later appointed as the driver of the PDP legislator.

IGP Munir Khan said that Tausif has links with the terrorists, so inquiry is being done. Khan said that Tausif was cooperating in conversation and gave much important information.

To investigate the attack on the Amarnath pilgrims, the Jammu and Kashmir Police has formed a six-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) on Friday.


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