When Kapil Sharma had persuaded Bharti Singh to come to his show then he would have felt that she would now take care of the falling TRP of the show.

Panga, again in Kapil's show, Bharti returned on the first day on the shoot

But on the first day of the shoot, something happened that Kapil Sharma got a shock of loud. It has been heard that Bharti first got annoyed and set off without a shoot shot. It is being told that Bharti did not like his entry scene and that is why she was very angry.

According to a news by Spotboye, Bharti Singh was in Kapil Sharma’s office till 8 pm yesterday and the discussion was going on in this matter. Bharti openly expressed his displeasure there.

It is reported that this scene was decided only after the consent of Bharati Boyfriend Harsh. But Bharati did not like it at all and she wants to change it from the beginning. She has openly told Kapil Sharma’s team about it.

Although much effort was made to persuade Bharti on this issue, Bharti did not listen to anybody and they canceled the shoot.

However, now Harsh and Kapil’s team of shows are writing a new scene for Bharti’s entry. Of course, the team will work harder even more because, after the fight of Sunil Grover and Kapil, nobody will want that Bharati gets annoyed!


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