The case of assault with Air India staff by Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad has not even landed in the headlines that another similar case has emerged. This time the name of the TMC woman MP is trapped in controversy.

Now TMC MP's ruckus in AI flight

It is alleged that due to the TMC MP Dola Sen, the flight of Air India (AI) from Kolkata could fly about 30 minutes late. According to the information, the MPs were not ready to shift their old mother’s seat from the front of the Emergency Exit to the other side.

Indeed, the MP’s mother was sitting on the wheelchair and according to the Security Protocols, she could not sit near the Emergency Exit. For this reason, when the crew requested her to shift her seat, he created a ruckus. In this affair, the flight was delayed by 30 minutes, causing discomfort for the rest of the passengers.

In the case of AI, there has been a statement that there was no information of the wheelchair during the booking, but during boarding in the plane, the MP’s mother was on the wheelchair. On the other hand, the statement of BJP MP Babul Supriyo came in the case. He, while defending TMC MP indirectly, said, “MPs are some kind of soft targets. Many times many people tend to lodge a paper as well as you, MPs are also there. After knowing the whole incident, it will be ok to comment. ‘

Congress general secretary Om Prakash Mishra was also traveling on the same flight. He said that he is not aware of misbehavior but the issue is that she (Dola Sen) did not cooperate and due to this the flight delayed.

Significantly, on Friday, AI has removed the ban on Shiv Sena MP Ravinder Gaikwad. After the assault on AI on March 23, AI, along with other private airlines, had also banned their flight.



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