In Hinduism, 16 rituals are said which include many types of rites. Hindu women wear anklet in their feet for decorating, but all these things are made of silver.

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Friends, everyone will be well aware that  Hindu women do not wear gold on their feet. Anklet or other ornament are silver or any other metal, because wearing gold is considered taboo. But do you know that, why do not women wear gold in their feet? There are many beliefs behind it that some are religious, so some scientists know that the reasons are due to this.

Religious reasons

India is a country where people’s faith in religion is unwavering. It is common to see big things from every small and large – linking religion to religion. The religious reason behind wearing gold in the legs is that, gold is considered sacred in India. Gold is worshiped in any auspicious work. And it is also considered a symbol of Lakshmi. Therefore, women do not wear gold in their feet by the feeling of not having a foot in gold.

Scientific reason

From the point of view of science, the warmth of gold ornaments is hot, and the silver thread is cold. As you know, human feet should be warm and the head cools. Therefore, gold on the head and feet should wear silver jewelry only. From this the coolness generated by silver reaches the head, and the energy produced by gold will be in the feet. By which the feet are warm and the head remains cold.

Wearing things made of silver in the legs helps the person to avoid many diseases. Wearing silver anklets and beaks provides relief from back, knee pain, eddy and hysteria diseases. Where as wearing gold ornaments in both head and legs, uniform energy flows in both the brain and the legs. Which increases the likelihood of a person becoming a patient. Therefore, to maintain control of the body’s energy, the tradition of wearing silver ornaments in feet and gold  in the head has been going on for centuries.


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