She was not naked. She was not walking like animals. She was not even in the herd of monkeys. Most of the stories spread about the 11-year-old girl, known as ‘Mowgli Girl’, are rumors. Head constable Sarvjit Yadav, who was part of the rescue operation of the girl said that a lot of rumors are spreading about the girl found in the forests of Katarniya Ghat of Bahraich.

Mowgli girl is fake news – she was not raised by monkeys, says cop who rescued her (1)

On 24th January this year, Sarvjit Yadav had recovered this girl with his two companions. In response to a call made on 100, they went in search of a girl. On the way connecting Bahraich with Lakhimpur, he got this girl. Yadav explains.

“A passer-by saw him sitting on the roadside. We arrived around 6.30 in the evening there. The fog was shadowy. She was walking up and running. She was wearing a frock. There was no monkey around there. She was not naked or was walking on his own hands. I do not know how these stories are spreading? ”

After the story of the recovery of the girl was common, many things were said about her in the media. She was called ‘Mowgli Girl’ on the lines of ‘The Jungle Book’ famous character Mowgli. It was told that she was in the forest for a few months till it was in a herd of monkeys. It was also said that she was nude and the policemen who saved him had to fight with monkeys.

Another member of the rescue team Dhanraj Yadav said that the girl was very weak and was unable to walk on her feet. That is why she was walking and jumping. After long treatment in Bahraich district hospital, the girl has now been sent to Nirvana Hospital, Lucknow.

Actually, this is an example of the human tendency to make any event sensational. The forest around the Katniya Ghat is not so thick that there were lost months there and no news to anyone. It’s not like there is a deserted area for miles like the forest of the Amazon, here it is not. There are villages in between. The forest department also revolves around these forests. It can not happen that no one has ever seen this girl. At the place where the girl has been found, there is a post of the forest department, just 30 meters away. Forest officers also say that they have never seen such a girl. They say that no one lives in the forest for so many days and can not be seen. It is not possible.

Actually, the girl is mentally ill. There is a complete possibility that she would have been left by her family members only. Although it appears to be a tragedy, but this is not impossible.

What is the condition of health care in remote areas such as the forests of Bahraich, it can be estimated? Due to extreme poverty and lack of access to doctors, a family would have to take this unfortunate decision. Some incidents that have taken place since the mental sick child have also happened before. When poor people find themselves unable to bear the cost of treatment of the child, then such an extra-step raises. And if the girl is a child then the chances of it are even higher. This girl seems to be the victim of the same.

Rather than being made a character of a thrilling story, it is important to focus on its treatment. It is also important to make health services so accessible that no one should take such inhuman move.


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