The French seer, in one of the famous quatrains, who have predicted the victory of the American tycoon and the consequences that this will bring to the world.

Many of the prophecies of the French seer Michel de Nostradamus (1503-1566), commonly written as quatrains, have surprised the researchers because they have finished serving one way or another. So at least it happened to events as well known as the rise of Napoleon and Adolf Hitler, the Spanish Civil War, the Independence of the United States or the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, just to mention some of the events that marked to fire the history of mankind.

Now, several scholars of Nostradamus suggest that the famous French prophet would have predicted in the sixteenth century the unexpected victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump in the recent presidential elections in the United States and the effects that this election would bring to the world.

Did Nostradamus predicted the victory of Donald Trump? surprising revelations

In quatrain 81 of its Centuria III, Nostradamus wrote: “The great howler without shame bold, be elected governor of the army: The courage of his opponent, the broken bridge, bemused city of fear.”

The performers of this quatrain clarify that when Trump takes over the presidency of the United States next January 20 and will become the 45th president of that country, also will automatically become head of the US Armed Forces (one of the most powerful armies in the world). Thus, Trump could be the character who, according to Nostradamus, will be “elected governor of the army.”

Donald Trump

But that is not all. In another quatrain Nostradamus writes that “The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium change its laws.” According to some, this quatrain relates the term “trumpet” as a direct reference to the name Trump (trumpet English is written as “trumpet”), not to mention that Byzantium could refer to the United States because, as the great eastern capital (born as eastern part of the Roman Empire and was located at the entrance of the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul today), United States is also a powerful center of power that attracts immigrants from around the world. With regard to the phrase “cause Byzantium to change laws”, remember that controlling illegal immigration was one of the key promises of the presidential campaign deslenguado magnate. One of the many promises that, according to analysts, was allowed to win the favor of the American electorate.

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