Most of us are busy with the celebration of Diwali, but many people are busy with their work not because they don’t like Diwali but it’s due to their professions and commitment to work they can’t enjoy Diwali like us:

Our salute to all the individuals who are proving an old saying “Work is Worship” 

  1. News channel reporter, anchors, staff etc.
  2. Police
  3. Logistics and courier company as Diwali being a special occasion, it’s very important that all the parcels must be delivered.
  4. Some of the departments in the MNCs which work as per the calendar of the Home country are called up for some hours.
  5. Hotels and Resort
  6. Hospitals
  7. Retail shop owners along with staff of Malls/Multipurpose stores etc
  8. Husband of a strict Wife 😛
  9. The soldiers who protect our nation and who were in the line of fire from the Pakistani soldiers even on this day !! Respect and Salute!


If any profession skipped from our mind, Please write in comment box. 


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