Today I got forwarded Whatsapp message in which they are asking about the  language box of the new INR 2000 note. Message state, Is there an error in language box of the new INR 2000 note?  that it is written “दोन हज़ार रुपये” instead of “दो हज़ार रुपये”. Is this correct?

New currency INR 2000

NO. The note is perfect. Nothing is wrong in its printing.

In the language panel of Indian rupee notes, the sum of the money appears in fifteen Indian languages.

What you have referred to in your question is the Konkani and Marathi translation of “two thousand rupees”.

The Hindi translation appears on the front of the note, above the picture of Mahatma Gandhi as well as on the reverse side of the note, to the far left.

I have seen some website they are saying it wrong but they Don’t know the reality they are spreading rumors.

Source :- Indian rupee – Wikipedia

denomination in 15 state language in India


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