alien_222_1498552604_749x421American Space Agency NASA says it is not going to make any announcement about the life of aliens (the creatures of another planet). There were reports in the media that NASA is going to announce soon about the available fate of the life of aliens, which was claimed by a group of hackers, but the agency denied such a report.

According to the News Agency Xinhua News, NASA’s Science Mission Directorate Associate Administrator Thomas Jürburger on Monday denied such reports and confirmed that NASA scientists are still searching for facts related to the life of aliens.

He tweeted, ‘Are we alone in this universe? We do not currently know about this. Mission is running our many missions to find the answer. The work is going on. ‘

Such news in the media came after a 12-minute video posted by a hacking group ‘Anonymus’ on YouTube, showing a man wearing a mask was shown and heard that Jürbuben during a Congress hearing in April It was said that ‘our civilization is on the verge of discovering the evidence of the life of aliens in the universe.’ More than a million people have seen this video.


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