Soon! Mumbai to Pune in 25 minutes

The journey time in between Mumbai and Pune, about three hours by train now, would be reduced to 25 mins if Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has its way.

The Los Angeles-based organization, which has developed a new way to transfer individuals, has requested the transport ministry for land to do a pilot task of its high-speed transportation service.

Hyperloop is an idea in which a pod-like vehicle goes by means of a near-vacuum that’s enclosed within a tube. It can hypothetically touch top rates of speed of close to 1,200 km an hour even though not going on full steam, utilizing less energy than traditional modes of transportation. It is being heralded as being the future of high-speed traveler and freight transportation the around the world, with futurists like Elon Musk supporting the concept.

Contrary to standard high-speed rail networks that require wide stretches of land for arrow-straight tracks, Hyperloops can be developed beside highways. The technology takes in much less energy due to the lack of air resistance within the tubes.

Bipop Gresta, chairman and chief operating officer of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, states that he met Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari and designed an official proposal to build a pilot project in the country.



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