Old parents living in the village of Kalaram in Kaithal district of Haryana were beaten by their sons and daughter-in-law so ruthlessly that nobody could stop their tears after seeing their wounds. The wounds lying on the body of these elderly people are narrating the story of that vandalism.

Mewaram and Shanti Devi, living in village Kalaram, have three sons, one of whom is a military who lives outside the village with his family. Mewaram’s two sons and daughter-in-law live with them. On Saturday, when Shanti Devi stopped her daughter-in-law for open defecation, the son and daughter-in-law started shouting on the mother.

To escape from the daughter-in-law and sons, the elderly woman ran into the street and the boys did not leave her even there, and after falling down the street, they started hitting her old mother with a stick.

Seeing his wife beaten at the hands of sons and daughters when Mewaram began to speak in the middle, the sons also beat them badly with sticks. Blue marks of sticks are lying on the body of both elderly. Both elderly people have be

en beaten so badly that seeing someone’s heart trembles.

When the elderly couple reached the police station to complain, the policemen were also surprised by the injuries.


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