Masses nowadays are really concerned about their pets. As pets have become an integral part of everyone’s life, and they are really attached to them.

Accordingly, such an incident took place recently in Bengaluru. A woman refused to marry a guy because he didn’t want to keep her dog. The girl was really attached to her dog.
Although, it is a really strange reason for denying to marry anyone,but still, it happened all because of an animal.


All the family members were annoyed by her decision because they thought that it was the perfect match for her, as he is having a pleasant persona and well off.

The individual called her many times to reconsider. But, in one way or another he was enforcing his decision and expectations on her. So, the girl refused to change her decision.

Moreover, she mentioned that “if a person is declining to keep the dog, who are the God’s furry gift to mankind” how would he be able to keep her happy.

To perforate, it is really hard to believe this, As it is an unusual refusal of marriage. Furthermore it depicts the love and concern towards animals .




Article: Siddharth Datta


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