The ever increasing drug problem among the youth is a matter of concern. This problem is eating up the country from inside and leading it to a hollow future. The inclination towards the Western World is the reason India is losing its purity.

Drug Addiction Problem in India

We have an addiction problem in India. In Punjab the numbers of its youth are addicted to drugs. Mumbai, Hyderabad and other cities around the country are quickly gaining a reputation for their drug usage; and the population in each of these cities continues to grow.Delhi is filled with rehab centers trying to keep up with the flow of addicts. Over 500 centers across our country work together to nurse addicts back into healthy productive lifestyles but addiction is becoming too much for India.The menace of drugs and alcohol has woven itself deep into the fabric of our society. As its effects reach towards our youth, India’s future generation will have to compete with drugs like cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco. Peer pressure, adolescent immaturity and irresponsible parenting is the three-headed monster luring our children towards addiction and a life of suffering and regret.

Preventing Drug Addiction in India

  • Addiction of Health:The community needs to promote healthy lifestyles through personal and cultural practices. By setting an example of health you will discourage damaging and dangerous lifestyles.
  • Focus on people and encouragement of social interaction:Promoting social interaction between old and young can only be done in a social environment. Create this environment through organized activities that all ages can participate in.
  • Local involvement of young people and respect for cultural values:The activities you chose should focus on young people. Be sure to respect cultural traditions of the community.
  • Encouragement of positive alternatives:Develop these alternatives with cultural values in mind, and understanding what appeals to the younger generation.
  • Long-term perspective: Don’t be discouraged if results aren’t immediate. Preventing drug use takes time,keeping a long-term perspective is important.
  • Community development: Focus on developing the fundamentals of your community. Education, health and social services, housing, sanitation, and income-generating activities are important ideas to focus in on.

India’s youth is India’s future, but with this increasing eddiction problem both the youth and the future of India dosen’t look good. If the youth continues on this path of eddiction, India becoming a World Power would remain a distant dream.


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