List of the decisions taken by PM Narendra Modi that possibly benefit me:

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

  1. Make In India: The manufacturing industry is expected to make a growth with this plan. My friends and co-citizens are expected to benefit from employment from this scheme.
  2. Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan: He has started this scheme to keep the country clean. By cleaning existing garbage and proper sanitation we can curb many diseases that occur to many citizens across the country.
  3. Digitalization: People like me don’t like to go stand in line as it wastes a lot of time. I am lazy and hence love things online. The government has significantly improved certain processes through digitalization.
  4. The opening of Bank accounts: Lots of bank accounts have been opened in the name of scheme named jan dhan yojana. Now doesn’t this offer money security to people who don’t have it?
  5. Electrification: This has probably been the best successful action that this government has done. Piyush Goyal has carried the act of rural electrification with an ease that it looks like the cakewalk.
  6. He allowed my army to take revenge in the form of Surgical Strike.

He has made people to say that India was great, India is great and together we will strive to keep it great.



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