They called him nonsecular. They even went deep down digging into his past and mocked him by his profession. They did all they could to make him look bad. But Our respected PM stood against all odds, marching up to his way straight to people’s heart.

Facts About PM Narendra Modi That Will Blow Your Mind.

PM Narendra modi old picture
PM Narendra Modi old picture
  1. He sleeps for 3.5 to 4 hours every day. He sleeps late at around 12 O clock and gets up early around 4 O clock. Yet, he is so fresh and energetic throughout the day due to his healthy practice of Yoga for nearly 2 hours after getting up.
  2. He has a personal staff of just three. None of his family members is in politics.
  3. As a teenager, Modi used to run a tea stall with his brother.
  4. He is a fan and follower of Swami Vivekananda and his principles.
  5. Hoisted the Tricolor (Indian flag) in Lal Chowk Srinagar with Mr. Murli Manohar Joshi in 1992. Hoisting of Indian flag on top of the clock tower at the Lal Chowk, Srinagar was prohibited and the militant organizations dared any Indians to hoist the Indian flag there. Mr. Modi accepted the challenge went there unprotected hoisted the tricolour and came back.
  6. On his visit to Japan in 2012, he gave his speech in Hindi – quite like AB Vajpayee did in UN.
  7. Modi had gained international and US support for India during the Kargil war against Pakistan which led to the withdrawal of Pakistani forces from Kargil. This was a great work because he wasn’t even in the central cabinet in those days.
  8. He instituted LPG subsidies to be paid to the bank account of the consumer. After that, he had appealed to the wealthy people to give up the subsidy for helping the poor have gas cylinders. Responding to his call, a million wealthy ones have already donated their subsidies enabling the government to reach the poor man’s kitchen.
  9. PM Modi revived the falling popularity of the radio PSU of India and made it profitable. His program “Maan ki Baat” attracted so many audiences that radio was popularized again. The AIR has earned 25 lakhs by selling advertisements based on that program.
  10. His graciousness to a co-passenger when he was far away from being in power.   For ref: A train journey and two names to remember.  
  11. Current Japan PM Shinzo Abe follows only 13 people on Twitter: one of them is Narendra Modi .
  12. He has become the third most followed world leader on Twitter, next only to US President Barack Obama and the Pope.
  13. He is a vegetarian and keeps fast for all 9 days of Navratri also while in the USA , hence the USA broke the protocol for the first time and served only veg food during the visit.
  14. He received highest civilian honor award by Saudi Arabia.

Unexpected birthday present from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Six Year old boy.

Unexpected birthday present from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Six Year old boy.



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