Sunscreen is a better option to avoid sunlight due to the summer and protect skin from UV rays. But remember that ‘very of everything is taboo’. Excessive use of such sunscreen can also be a loss for the skin. Learn more about the loss of sunscreen applying …

You know, sunscreen has side effects too!

Chemical ingredients such as tetracycline, sulfa drugs, and phenothiazine are found in sunscreen, which is very harmful for skin.

If the skin is more sensitive then put sunscreen on the body 2 hours before leaving the exit to avoid sunlight.

Do not use sunscreen as a body lotion. For example, use sunscreen only on the open part of the body. Not on the whole body.

4 aminobenzene or PBA is a chemical that causes the skin to rubbing and itching. It is mostly found in the sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen that does not contain it.

Buy sunscreen with zinc oxide instead of PABA. They have low risk of allergic reactions.

If you have problems with acne, then sunscreen can increase your pain. To avoid use non-oiled sunscreen.

Have full vigilance while wearing sunscreen on your face. Keep in mind that it does not go in the eyes It can cause pain, irritation, or itching problems in the eyes. If it is in the eye then immediately wash with cold water.

You can buy non-comedogenic sunscreen. It is also helpful in protecting the problem of acne and pimples. Body sunscreen is quite heavy, so do not touch it on the face.

If sunscreen is allergic, then stop using it immediately and contact the doctor.


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