India is a developing country because of not one but numerous factors, let me tell you the top 5 reasons:


India was a poor country In terms of total wealth. It is because british exploited India like anything and almost took everything we had. We were not left with much revenue to build our nation.


One big reason is the corruption in the country that has been prevailing for more than 6 decades.


The politicians of the past who have not guided us properly towards being a developed nation. The politicians have not done justice to the country because a country’s development mainly lies in the hands of the politicians. I Clea don’t know who were wrong the politicians or the people who elected the. May be people did not have any other choice.

People of India

Indian people has always been very orthodox and conservative type. So many developments could not be implemented because of the lack of their cooperation.


Don’t get me wrong women are not directly the reason for India still being a developing country but it is because women of India were not allowed to go to schools, follow their passion, domestic violence on them, many are being sexually harassed, child marriage etc has caused some serious damage to the country. Now you itself tell me in a country where 48.5% are women and they are facing so much trouble then how can the country become developed?

At the time of independence the average life expectancy was 31 years, in 2005 it was 64 years. The death rate, which used to be around 45 per thousand, is down to just about 8 per thousand. Literacy was 16%, now it is 70%. We have really come a long way.


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