Why is it called a blue film?

In about 1920s, the pornographic movies were created in a very cheap manner. The black and white films were made from the reels which were stocked on a large scale with the Hollywood and Bollywood production houses. However, if kept for a longer time, these reels used to get a bluish color tint. They were no longer useful for them.

The pornographic movie makers used to buy these bluish reels at a very cheap price. As a result, whole porn movie appeared to be bluish and hence the name ‘Blue Film’. Now, the practice has stopped but the name continued.

Why are the areas called as Red Light Areas?

Because they used to use Red bulbs in the rooms of the brothel. Reasons?

To make it appealing:

Admit it or not but the red color seems to be erotic. It gives a boost for the perfect environment. Love making has always been symbolized in red. Even movie makers take an advantage of red light effects in their love scenes.

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The bitter reason:

The sex workers in brothels were mostly suffering from Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) which resulted in the red spots, marks, swollen private parts, etc. If they used bright lights, it would be a turn off for the customers after looking at those horrible diseases. Red colored lights simply covered up the matter systematically. They are bright enough to see the objects but dim enough to hide the details.


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