When we hear “preschool teacher”, we imagine a beautiful lady who gives all her care and care for the children; Or, a young enthusiast, but that yes, very innocent, and that the only thing that is in love is his work because it allows him to share with the children.1

But there are other cases, in which this passion for teaching is tied to something more for adults. In this situation is Nina Skye, 21, who is (or rather, was) a teacher at a Christian college, until they discovered that she had another vocation: to make adult films.

Nina has stated that she loves pedagogy, but also sex, so she wants to keep both jobs; However, school officials do not think that these two options can be combined, and told that she would have to leave her life as an actress for adults, if she wanted to continue working inthat place …

I can not work there because it goes against your statement of faith. It goes against your views on fornication, as is sex before marriage, and that’s what I’m doing. They say it goes against the paper I signed, saying I would not do that.
It is well known that many teachers have other jobs to increase their income, although in this particular case, it is not a question of Nina tutoring in the evenings, or even being a bartender at night … Her “other work” is much more complex Than that5
We do not know how the directors of the Christian college discovered that Nina was an adult actress … Maybe someone recognized her while watching one of her films …
She currently receives $ 2,500 for each occurrence she has in these adult videos, so she definitely will not quit …


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