In the last two days, there have been heavy rains in the Kashmir Valley. Water was flooded in many areas, the bridge collapsed. The Indian Army, posted here to help people during this trouble, People from an entire village were rescued from the flood in Kripalpur in Pattan. And now the news has come that the soldiers of the army saved an ambulance for a one-half kilometer in the snow and saved the life of a pregnant woman.

In Kashmir, the soldiers slipped Angad's leg to save the life of a pregnant woman.

Abdul Ahad Khan’s wife of Bandipora was pregnant. On the morning of April 6, an ambulance was going to Srinagar but the road was trapped between them. Due to the rains and snowfall, the landslides in the area were closed for which the road was closed. Sirens of ambulances trapped in the rubble were ringing. On hearing this, a group of troops arrived there who pushed the ambulance out of the debris. They also suggested ambulance to another route for the further journey.

SK Bala, the company commander of these troops. At around four o’clock in the afternoon, SK Bala received a call from Abdul Ahad Khan. He thanked the soldiers for helping them. He said, “My wife has given birth to a child and both are healthy. If the army personnel did not come for help at the right time, then nothing could have happened. We thank the soldiers. “


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