KAROLY TAKACS- An example of rising up from ashesKaroly Takacs : The Unbelievably Inspiring Story of a Shooter, Olympian, A Legend, and Much More . Born on 21st of January, 1910 in Budapest (Austria-Hungary), Karoly Takacs, by the age of 28, in 1938 became a world-class pistol shooter and a sergeant in the Hungarian Army. His fellow countrymen were all proud of him. He was the No. 1

He was the No. 1 contender for the gold medal in the 1940 Olympics that were scheduled to take place in Tokyo . His mind and soul were focused on this one and only thing that was – Winning the gold medal at the 1940 Tokyo Olympics. But destiny had some other plans , some terrible ones indeed. One day , during an army training, a hand – grenade exploded in Karoly’s right hand, that was, unfortunately his shooting hand as well.

KAROLY TAKACS- An example of rising up from ashes

He lost his golden hand and got terribly depressed as he could see his Olympic dreams getting shattered in front of his eyes. But setting an example of extreme mental toughness and determination , he decided to simply let go of what he no longer had but focus solely on what he still had – His Left Hand. Only one out of a million could show such extraordinary will-power and commitment , but such was the man.

A hand , he couldn’t even properly write with, he decided to transform it into a world-class shooting hand , just like his right hand used to be. He practised in silence and isolation , nobody on earth knew about his whereabouts, when one day in 1939, during a national-level pistol shooting championship in Hungary, he showed himself up.

Everybody was dead shocked when he announced that he was there to compete. And guess what, he didn’t just compete, he won it, and won it like a boss. He was such a badass, I am telling you. But,now the big thing was coming – The Olympics. But, life took another turnaround when the 1940 and ’44 Olympic games got cancelled due to the Second World-War. Károly was taken aback, again but he didn’t give up as usual. He kept practicing and set his eyes right on the 1948 London Olympics. He showed up in the 1948 Olympic games , and not only did he show up , he did win or should I say he conquered it by pocketing the gold-medal.

That day, the man didn’t defeat his opponents, he defeated his destiny, his bad-luck . Unstoppable as he was , Karoly went on to win yet another gold medal in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics and became the first ever athlete to win 2 gold medals in that event (25 metre Rapid-fire pistol shooting). At the age of 65, Karoly did a legend on 5 January 1976 in Budapest.

PS : You can’t simply ask for more inspiration after reading this.

By: Sagar Malik


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