Well, it is very hard for we Indians to talk about sex because the promiscuous behavior is frowned upon. Maybe it is due to the Hippocratic society, but then again we are the ones comprising the society.


It is hard to talk about sex because centuries of a conservative mentality has induced conservatism in the minds of people. Our society behaves as if sex doesn’t exist and should not be meaningfully discussed. From the early age, we are forced to believe that sex is dirty, wrong and  all other bad words that you can think of.

Sex is just an act of love/pleasure/adventure and talking about it is just fine if you know how to talk about it. Digest that sex is normal and is not a discreet. Then, when you talk to someone, your thoughts will be shown in your words and then, talk about sex will be as normal as talking about walking.

Time has changed a lot nowadays.


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