There is no harm in using old things. Its value for money.  Now developed countries have named it RECYCLING, that we are already doing. Using a plastic bag or soft drink bottle, again and again, is also good for the environment. Don’t take it negatively, rather we should be proud of it…

life cycle of clothes in India

Common Jugads we do in order to save money

  1. Keeping all the polythene bags inside a giant plastic bag and using  them for groceries.
  2. Saving all the newspapers and bottles from a month to be sold off. Earning around Rs. 500 just from selling trash at the time of the month when you’re most broke isn’t a bad strategy at all.
  3. In an Indian home, no item of clothing is ever thrown away. According to Indians, clothes go from party clothes to home clothes to night clothes to cleaning cloth.
  4. Converting plastic soft drink bottles into water bottles. Admit it, you have a couple of those in your home right now.
  5. Squeezing the toothpaste till it starts groaning
  6. Not very clever but this is common. We tend to pass on our clothes and the book’s we used to our younger siblings.
  7. Unwrap each and every gift with utmost care to salvage with dignity every square inch of wrapping paper for future use.
  8. Missed Calls – This is an ingenious way to save money and time while solving the intended purpose.

Apart from the miserliness, this is also an indication of the recycling/reusing culture that’s traditionally embedded in us.



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