Johnny Depp blamed a former agent

After his unpleasant divorce with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp now directed towards his ex – representatives and charged before the court of mismanagement of his earnings in an effective period of his career.

In the court action filed in a court in Los Angeles against The Management Group calls over USD 25 million, claiming it did not pay on time and taxes, made unauthorized loans and excessively paid for security and other services.

Despite the fact that the organization says that the actor’s extreme expenses were the cause. Michael J. Kump, a lawyer for The Management Group, said that the demand for Depp is “a lie” and wrote in a statement that the actor never complained of any problems. The company ” did everything possible to protect their irresponsible Depp and overspending “.

Depp reports that Joel and Robert Mandel received $ 28 million in payments for their services in the 16 years they handled their finances. The company “actively concealed the true state of the finances of Mr. Depp as he sank deeper and deeper into a financial crisis, ” the lawsuit said.

It also indicates that the company did not submit statements of their taxes on time, which cost him almost $ 5.7 million in penalties. It appears that Depp learned of the financial problems after hiring a new proxy firm in March 2016.

The report also details that her former attorneys received 5 percent of her income from films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.”


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