Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaraman, who passed away in Chennai on December 5, was a lot more than simply a politician in the state. She was a magnificent figure in Tamil Nadu and won respect over the political spectrum for her pro-poor policies.
As a mass leader, she had a “unique and profound sympathy with the desires and hope of people”. Whether it is welfare schemes for the countryside and urban poor, her leadership characteristics and administrative skills were genuinely exceptional. These steps gave her a tremendous amount of a good reputation, which carried on throughout.

Jayalalithaa, also widely known as Amma, had introduced many well-known schemes in the state:

1Amma Unavagam (Amma Canteen)

Jayalalithaa began Amma Unnavagam (Amma Restaurant) in 2013 with an idea to deliver low-cost food for the general public. The idea has to turn into an immediate hit with individuals not only in the state but all throughout the country as a perfect example of welfare schemes. It now has expanded to a chain of over 300 outlets all around Tamil Nadu’s city centers and persuaded visits by officials from other states, which are eager to repeat the model. The canteen costs as low as Rs 1 for an idli, chapattis (Rs3 for two), Rs. 5 for a plate of Sambar rice and Rs. 3 for a plate of curd rice. With this program, Jayalalithaa offered the poor three food a day under Rs. 20. Additional, the scheme produced work for a large number of women of all ages who were desired for the cooking and cleaning.

And a year after its introduction, J Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK taken the 2014 Lok Sabha polls thriving 37 out of the 39 seats in Tamil Nadu.

2Amma Table Fan

In Feb 2016, the Tamil Nadu govt made a decision to provide about 1.93 crore table fans pricing Rs 930 each to the poor. The AIADMK administration started off distributing electric fans, mixies, and grinders in 2011.

3Amma Pharmacies

Amma pharmacies, the firstly which started operating in June 1025 in Nanganallur, offered medicines at minimum 10 percent to 15 percent less expensive than private chemists.

She had also introduced Amma Baby Care Kit scheme in Tamil Nadu on September 7, 2015, to offer accessories for the newborn baby and its mother. With 16 baby care products inside it, the price of the kit was labeled at Rs 1,000.

4Amma Cement

Resulting from rising costs of building materials, the late chief minister introduced the sale of subsidized cement. The state government purchased two lakh tons of cement from private producers on a monthly basis and market them for a more affordable cost of Rs 190 for a 50-kg bag.

5Free laptops to students

In 2011, Jayalalithaa handed out free laptop computers to students all around the state who’ve obtained a certain percentage in school and college exams. The scheme inspired digital education among learners from a very early stage.



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