NO !! Jallikattu not belongs to Tamil Nadu alone. Jallikattu belongs to India. It originates from Indus Valley Civilization.

Jallikattu,” which is bull-baiting or bull fighting, is an ancient Dravidian tradition that was practised about 4,000 years ago during the Indus Valley civilisation. But Tamils alone protected and preserved its heritage until today, and still fighting to protect it.

A well-preserved seal depicting Jallikattu found at Mohenjodaro in the 1930s attests to this, according to historian Iravatham Mahadevan. The Indus Valley Seal is still preserved at New Delhi Museum.

New Delhi Museum JALLIKATTU

One more Tablet from Harrapa

Harrapa jallikatu

So the Jallikattu is not belongs to Tamils or Tamil Nadu alone. Its a pride for whole India. Every Indian should support, protect and celebrate Jallikattu.

source: quora


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