Jagdish Chandra bose

The millimetre wavelength frequency that Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose included in his research in 1895 is reported to be the base of 5G, which is now being reinvented by scientists and technologists across the world.

Born on 30 November, 1858, at Mymensingh, now in modern Bangladesh, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose learned Physics at the Calcutta University and afterwards joined Cambridge. The millimetre waves are used in numerous fields even after the finding that was about a century ago, whether it is radio telescopes or cruise control in cars.

In 1895, Bose had carried out an experiment which exhibited the generation, transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves at mm wave frequencies. He is believed to have produced electrical radiation at 5mm wave or 60GHz at a time when there were no equipment to measure such frequencies.

IEEE, which is the biggest international technical professional organisation in advancement of technology, has now identified this 1895 experiment as an IEEE milestone nearly 120 years later.


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