The bench of five judges of the Supreme Court had ruled on three divorces. Two of the five judges were justifying three divorces as part of the personal law board. But three judges were against it. Because of this, it was termed as unconstitutional.

Triple Talaq

The three divorces “Triple Talaq” given at one time have been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. But the fight for women fighting for it is not over yet. Ishrat Jahan, who had brought this matter to the court, has now faced new problems. After the Supreme Court’s verdict on the three divorces, Ishrat is now going to listen to the taunts of his mother-in-law alongside neighbors. Those people are speaking directly to Ishrat. According to the Times of India news, Ever since the Supreme Court has ruled in the favor of Ishrat, Since then it has become difficult for her to live in her own house. Some people in the society are calling her ‘dirty woman an enemy of men and anti-Islamic’ Many neighbors have also stopped talking to Ishrat.

Ishrat lives in West Bengal near Howrah. She is living there since 2004. The house where Ishrat was staying, her husband had bought the house with money he got in dowry. Ishrat’s husband divorced on her phone from Dubai in 2014. Ishrat is quite upset and surprised about this. Ishrat says that after fighting such a long battle she has no courage to fight the family and the rest of the people. Ishrat wants to give her time to her children now. Along with Ishrat, the lawyer who fought the case on behalf of her, Nazia Elahi Khan had also spoken rubbish on Twitter.


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