Filtered photos give us a clue to the plot of the new delivery.

We are already eager to see “Avengers 4,” the latest installment of these Marvel superheroes. The film is in the middle of shooting and some photos that have been filtered give us certain tracks of the plot of the new tape. Specifically, they are related to the character of Iron Man, who almost a decade ago has been played by Robert Downey Jr.

It has been released an image of the reactor and a clock that takes the protagonist of the film. The strange shapes of these gadgets give us an idea of what could happen. Not only would Iron Man re-use the reactor, but apparently we are witnessing the presence of a new device with alien technology.


“Here is an approach to the little thing”

We have to remember that Thanos, the great enemy of “Avengers: Infinity War” and probably this new installment, is extremely powerful and perhaps even invincible if no materials are used that are unknown to the inhabitants of Earth. On the other hand, this novelty could mean that Tony Stark dies and this is the only thing that can keep him alive, as we saw in the beginning of Iron Man.

“And this is not the best photo, but here is the other thing”

In Marvel, this had already happened. In “Spiderman Homecoming”, El Buitre used materials of this style to build powerful weapons, so it would not be strange that now “Avengers” use the technique.

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