Spero E-Bike
Spero E-Bike

India’s 1st crowdfunded electric bike was launched. The Spero E-bike operates on an electric battery. It was unveiled a couple of months ago by Coimbatore based jute machinery technocrat S Manikandan on a crowdfunding platform.

The first campaign on Fueladream.com has raised INR 38 lakh – 125% of its goal with 100+ bookings from across the country.

Spero E Bike Price

The 39-year-old MBA who had taken 3 years to develop it discussed how people contributed even Rs. 100 as a token amount, simply because they were thrilled about the idea. Produced from locally sourced materials, it also has imported parts like its battery, motor, and tyres. The bike has 3 models and is offered in various colors. The pre-order prices for the 3 models on FuelADream would be from 29,900 INR to 50,900 INR, which would be approximately 40% lower than their market price. The bike is pollution free while its battery can be charged like a smartphone. Now that’s what we can call innovation on wheels.

Now that’s what we can call innovation on wheels.


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