kulbhushan jadhavKulbhushan Jadhav, has been sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court on Monday for espionage charges. This is not the first time when Pakistan is punishing an innocent Indian prisoner in the annoyance of taking revenge from India. He has been acting like this before.

Kripal Singh

Kripal Singh, who is related to Gurdaspur in Punjab, accidentally entered the border with Pakistan in 1992. He got a lawsuit for bomb blasts in the Punjab province of Pakistan. He remained in jail for 25 years. Despite being acquitted by the Lahore High Court, Pakistan did not liberate them. He died in Lahore jail for unknown reasons.

Kishore Bhagwan

On February 2014, the news came of the death of Indian fisherman Kishore Bhagwan in Pakistan prison. He was accused of entering the financial sector of Pakistan without the document. The Maritime Security Agency of Pakistan arrested him. In 2013, Kishore also tried to flee from jail but caught. He died in jail due to unknown reasons.

Sarabjeet Singh

Sarabjit Singh of Tarnaratan district of Punjab was accused in 1990 of involvement in bomb blasts in Punjab province of Pakistan. Indeed, during the blasts, he accidentally crossed the border into Pakistan. He was arrested there. The Lahore High Court sentenced him to death in 1991 in this case. India has been striving for their release. He had a fight with the prisoners in Lahore jail in 2013. He was died due to the injuries.

Chamel Singh

The Pakistani army arrested Chamel Singh in Jammu district in 2008. Accused of spying on them. According to his family, he accidentally crossed the border while working in the fields. In 2013, he lost his life by the torture in the Lahore jail.


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