abhinav-bindraIndia’s Olympic gold medalist (personal) and the member of the Olympic task force formed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Abhinav Bindra has demanded the release of a helpline number from Sports Minister Vijay Goel for India. This is the number on which players who have played outside the country can get in touch directly.

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The famous Indian shooter has made this demand two-day after the incident with Kanchanmala Pandey on his Twitter page. He advised the Sports Minister that such helpline must be issued at the time of the global tournament. In his open letter on Friday, Abhinav has written that what happened with Paralympic Athletic Kanchanmala Pandey raises many questions on athletic management.

Borrowed in Berlin

Indian para athlete Kanchanmala Pandey is India’s only female para-athlete to qualify for World Para Swimming Championship this year. Kanchan has now returned to India. But in the tournament held in Germany, Kanchanmala, who qualify for the World Championship, had to face the difficulties and difficult circumstances she had to take part in, she exposes the careless attitude shown by Indian sports associations to athletes.


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