Narinder Singh Kapany
Narinder Singh Kapany

A physicist born in India, presently spending his retired life in the US, nearing 90.

He pioneered in the arena of Fiber Optics way back in the 1960s. In fact, the term ‘Fiber Optics’ itself was termed by him.

He was included in the listing of ‘Seven unsung heroes’ (list) by the Fortune Magazine. In 2009 Charles K. Kao was awarded Nobel for his ground-breaking work in Fiber Optics (done in 1966). On the other hand, Dr. Kapany had demonstrated transmission of light in fiber optics more than a decade back. He only obtained a mention for his work by the committee.

So simply, we owe a lot to this man who introduced the way for high-speed data transmission, the internet, advanced surgeries and much more.

It is ironic that practically nobody has heard of this man in his own motherland, which has blossomed a lot due to Information Technology surge.


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